Taking Flight Part 1 Review

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Taking Flight, Part 1Falcon
Reviewed by: Emo Ferrengi
9/27/2004 comments link

In Taking Flight, Part 1, Captain Jason Adonis has a problem. He's the pilot of a major airline, but all he learned in flight school was how to steer a plane, not take off or land!

Just kidding. Though personally, if I were Captain Adonis and I had the lovely bubble butt of Ethan Marc waiting for me at home, I think I'd quit my job.

"Are you sure there isn't something I can do to make you stay?" Marc asks Adonis on his way out the door. "Well, there is one thing," Adonis responds. I don't think Ethan Marc minds doing it one bit. By the way, if you haven't seen Adonis' beautiful cock, you're missing out. He repays Marc with an extended ball-tonguing and cock-licking that got me really hot. Jason Adonis has a really long tongue!

But soon it's time to deal with all the hassles of flying an airplane for a living. I was surprised to see that Falcon got a lot of footage at LAX — baggage counters, display terminals — I can only imagine the conversation they must have had with the airport authorities to get permission to film. Taking Flight, Part 1 concerns a night flight from LA to London, with Adonis in the cockpit along with his co-pilot Gus Mattox and Navigator Kent Larson.

Upon boarding, steward Matthew Rush is asking steward Josh Weston if there's something going on between him and Captain Adonis. "Nothing's happened, and if it did, you'd be the last to know!" Weston snipes. Well, he's got the bitchiness of the typical flight attendant down pat!

Barely moments after the Captain dims the lights for the "12-hour night flight," sexy Bobby Williams and Corbin Michaels duck into a restroom whose sign cleverly only has two settings: "Vacant" and "Mile High Club." Michaels has a really nice, fat dick that Bobby Williams obviously enjoys sucking; Williams is so rock-hard his dick is dripping. The feelings between the two guys appear to be mutual.

These activities have not gone unnoticed in the cockpit. "Nobody's able to get in the lavatory 'cause somebody's trying to get their wings!" Kent Larson complains to Gus Mattox. "Those lucky bastards!" Mattox responds. "Two on every flight," Larson nods knowingly.

Meanwhile, Tristan Adonis' girlfriend, Ashley Long, has fallen asleep between him and Nate Alexander, and both are rubbing their cocks and none-too-subtly eyeing each other. Why does Adonis have a girlfriend if he is gay enough to whip his dick out in the middle of an airplane (following Alexander's lead after looking to see if the coast is clear)? Maybe he's bi. Anyway, the two dawgs begin going at it while the poor gal — looking like Agnetha Faltskog on an overdose of GHB — sleeps inches away. Alexander has an especially beautiful cock, while Adonis is incredibly easy on the eyes, in that young, blond, red-lipped, mall-rat-surfer way.

Alexander is the troublemaker in this scene, reaching over and beginning to pull on Adonis' forbidden cock, while Adonis helpfully unbuttons his shirt to reveals the smooth, lean, and tanned body that every surfer takes for granted and every gay guy envies. (Well, me anyway.) Alexander looks amazed that he's getting to blow lovely Tristan Adonis. And who knows, maybe he is. When Alexander gets totally nude in his seat, we see that he, too, has lickably tan and youthful skin. He also seems to have manual control over his balls; either that, or they're lifting and falling on their own in response to Tristan Adonis' sucking of his dick.

The obstacle of the girl gives this scene an interest that makes it one of the hotter I've seen in a long while. I want to join the Blond Boy Club! I need to talk to my colorist. But only if it means I get to rim Tristan Adonis' beautiful ass like Alexander does here, another hot moment.

Before we all know it, the night flight is over and Matthew Rush and Josh Weston pal around by the River Thames. Little do they know they're being watched — and followed — by Captain Jason Adonis! Creepy music makes the scene a little more unsettling than the filmmakers may have intended.

Rather than check out the Royal Museum, Rush leads Weston directly to a sex club. Weston is a little concerned: "Don't leave me!" he begs. Rush agrees — then immediately trots off to hook up with "Cockney-slanged street kid" Troy Punk. Men!

Rush is on his knees in a second, expertly blowing tight-bodied, red-headed Punk. I have to admit, it is nice to see Rush's full, red lips wrapped around a dick. And soon they're fucking. Damn, does a condom fit tightly around Matthew Rush's fat one! I think if they fit me like they fit him, I wouldn't hate them so much. Rush and the "Cockney-slanged street kid" are a good match and, again, turn out one of the hotter porn scenes I've watched recently. I didn't fast-forward a second.

An orgy fueled by Falcon Exclusives Brad Patton, Dean Monroe, and Arpad Miklos and Jean Franko is burning up another part of the sex club — but when the freaked-out Josh Weston sees it, he cuts and runs. I guess watching hot, big-dicked guys with perfect bodies blow each other is not his thing. In the real world, no one with testicles could see this kind of action and not stop and gawk. Included: a double-dicking of cutie Dean Monroe, followed up by a deep fucking by Brad Patton (who is particularly tanned and toned this movie) among all the other combinations of poles and holes.

But Weston flees down the darkened stairwells of the club, only to be followed by his lurker, Captain Jason Adonis. I won't say what happens, except that it is harrowing! The acting, I mean. It's like an outtake from a really, really bad soap opera audition.

Starring Falcon Lifetime Exclusives: Jason Adonis, Matthew Rush

Also starring Falcon Exclusives: Brad Patton, Bobby Williams, Dean Monroe

Featuring: Arpad Miklos, Ethan Marc, Troy Punk, Corbin Michaels, Nate Alexander, Jean Franko

Introducing Falcon Exclusive: Tristan Adonis

DVD Extras: Deleted Footage, Taking Flight Behind The Scenes Photo Gallery, Model & Action Photo Gallery

 Buy Taking Flight, Part 1 at FalconStudios.Com
 Full movie trailers, image galleries on FalconXXX.Com


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