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JusticeHot House
Director: Steven Scarborough
Reviewed by: J Klink
4/11/2007 comments link

Shane Rollins, a young innocent, comes to San Francisco to seek his fortune.

Problem is, as soon as he steps off the bus, a drug suspect fleeing from the cops throws his stash at Shane, causing him to immediately be arrested by Tony Mecelli and Robert Van Damme (in sexy cop uniforms.)

"Fuck you, I ain't suckin' your cock, fuck that!" Shane yells as the cops decide to use unorthodox interrogation methods on their captive. Van Damme holds Rollins' mouth open, while Mecelli shoves his dick in Rollins' mouth. "We'll teach you some respect!" Mecelli says. "I like obedience."

After a few moments, force is no longer necessary, and Rollins seems to decide he likes sucking these two VERY ripped (particularly Mecelli) officers' cocks after all. I'd be inclined to do the same. Mecelli has a nice pair of low-hangers, I must say. And Shane is no slouch in the dick department either; in fact I think what he lacks in bodybuilder status, compared to these cops, he makes up for in dick.

Tony Mecelli

Robert Van Damme

After a full body-cavity search on young Rollins, Van Damme takes over interrogating him by pounding his ass, while Shane sucks on Mecelli's dick. Mecelli then pounds Rollins from multiple angles, ending with Rollins squatting on Mecelli's cock while Van Damme jacks him. the other two dudes beat themselves to voluminous orgams, particularly Mecelli, before they toss Rollins in a cell to await further prosecution. Those San Francisco cops are harsh!

Next Rollins is indeed in a jail cell, yelling, "God dammit! I'm innocent! I don't belong in here!" Brad Star, Nick Piston, and Jordan Vaughn all find themselves locked up together, and once again Rollins' bad attitude gets him in trouble. "Put that dick in my mouth and I'm gonna bite that fucker off!" Rollins tells Piston. Turns out Piston does, and Shane doesn't. And I wouldn't either, because Piston has a really nice dick. Brad and Vaughn hold Rollins by the arms to ensure he can't escape this prison rape.

Nick Piston

Brad Star

Jordan Vaughn

To add insult to injury, now Brad Star pulls his dick out and makes Rollins suck it as well. There is much choking as Rollins' head is forced onto the other guys' cocks. Meanwhile, Vaughn takes his shirt off. Hot bod! Piston now decides he wants to see Vaughn suck Rollins' dick, which he forces him to do. So much for seniority! But Vaughn doesn't seem to mind too much. Rollins looks really hot getting sucked, is all I can say. Next he is forced to "suck on" Vaughn's ass, and Vaughn is definitely not resistant at this point. Vaughn hold Rollins between them so Nick Piston can fuck him (pretty hard, I might add.)

As could be expected. Rollins' troubles are not through yet. His public defender refuses to help him unless Rollins does a little something "extra" for him. Luckily, Rollins' public defender is ripped, hung Ty Hudson. Rollins deep throats the sharkskin-suit-wearing attorney, who eventually kneels and gives Rollins some suck-service as well. Hudson winds up with his face buried so deep in Rollins' ass Rollins' knees are behind his ears and his cock is pointed straight at his face. Conveniently, Rollins cums in his own mouth! Definitely hot and worth seeing.

As requested, Rollins now gets transferred to the infirmary, due to the sexual abuse he has experienced. Dr. Kent North examines him, paying particular attention to his crotch. Unfortunately, the infirmary is full, so Rollins can't stay, and is thrown back to the big-dicked wolves. "Sometimes, life sucks!" Dr. North explains.

Dr. North's next patient is Nick Horn, complaining of "an ache in my groin." Now, this sounds like a problem North can do something about. He orders his orderly, Carlos Morales, to suck Horn's dick. The two medical professionals take turns and soon Horn is feeling a lot better.

Ty Hudson

North eventually sucks both big boys from his position on his knees, then gets fucked by Carlos. Carlos, is looking particularly smooth and cut for this movie, and his dick is massive. Also included: a "lucky Pierre" with North in the middle. Morales finally gets a chance to be fucked by Horn, who then pulls his thick dick to orgasm on Carlos' smooth torso.

In Scene 5, we get a sense of the loneliness and isolation of prison, as Shane Rollins paces alone in his cell and contemplates his fate. Luckily for Shane, things liven up considerably when new inmate Trevor Knight gets tossed in the clink with him. Turns out they know each other! Knight is the "motherfucker who got me put here in the first place!" Rollins attacks him. "I'm gonna fuckin' make you my bitch!"

Mike Roberts

Rollins makes Knight sucks him as an introduction to what it's like to be someone's bitch in prison. Knight spends a good long while sucking Rollins' dick. Soon a prison guard (Mike Roberts) happens by, but rather than interrupting, he secretly observes, betraying an interest in homosexual sodomy. Mike Roberts seems a little too pretty to be a prison guard, but I guess a job is a job. Soon his long, slightly downcurved dick is out and he's carressing his milky-smooth torso. He jacks himself to completion before the prisoners even know he's there.

Trevor Knight's ass seems extremely eager when Rollins eventually puts him on his stomach on the bare prison mattress naked and pounds him. But soon without explanation, bitch becomes master as the two swap and tight-bodied Knight has a go at Rollins' hole. Not like he's not used to it after his time in prison. This pair seems very well matched sexually, with most of their time spent with Knight pounding Rollins from many directions. Rollins eventually cums in an extended orgasm which appears to be his favorite in the movie, then Knight pulls his own oversize pud to spray Rollins' torso with a sprinkler of cum.

18 Months Later. Rollins faces the parole board in an attempt to win his release. He claims he has never broken the law, and merely wants Justice. A member of the all-male, all-muscular board tells him, "The board is prepared to recommend that you be released on parole. But with one condition Mr. Conner." Can you guess what that is?

After the bailiff bolts the door, the conditions come out of the pants. First Shane must suck (and gag on) each cock: Marc Williams, Parker Williams and Duke Michaels and Marco Paris. Fave moment: Shane lovingly sucks both Paris' and Marc Williams' massive cocks at the same time while the bailiff eats Shane's ass and Williams fucks Marc's mouth.

Marco Paris shoots a big load sitting on Marc Williams, who then proceeds to dump one of his own. Meanwhile Shane tops off Duke Michaels and rubs one out on his tattooed ass, while gruff-voiced Parker Williams jerks off on his shoulder. In short: the cum really flies in Scene 6!

Final question: does Shane win his parole or not? You'll have to watch it and see. But the ending is not what you might think (hint: it involves Gatorade and breaking the fourth wall.)

Hardcore Bonus Scene: As a hardcore bonus, Kent North and Carlos Morales reprise their roles as doctor and nurse, with Kent giving Carlos a much-needed anal exam with his tongue, followed by a fucking with a dildo bigger than any dick. "Oh, thank you doctor!" Carlos shouts. Anytime. Carlos returns the favor, fucking Kent with a big black dick the size of a Duraflame fire log. Then, when that's not enough, with his fist!

DVD Extras: Fuck Compilation, Cumshot Compilation, XXX Gallery, Behind the Scenes, XXX Trailers.

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