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Big RigBuckshot DVD
Reviewed by: J Klink
4/16/2006 comments link

Big Rig takes place on the dusty highways and in the musty hotel rooms of America's fly-over regions, populated by truckers, hitchikers, and people on the run.

But before all that... Colby Taylor and boyfriend Eddy Mataro seem to be having a bit of a tiff. They have a party to get to, but Colby is masturbating in the glass-walled shower of their home and refuses to stop, while Eddy primps at the mirror. For some reason, this is a problem. "Mark, stop fucking around!" Eddy yells, after refusing to help Colby jerk off.

"Put this shirt on with some jeans where your ass sticks out. That way someone might want to fuck you!" Mataro shouts. Colby asks the mirror, "Why am I doing this anymore?" Good question! His lover is only interested in fucking other guys, and poor Colby is left out in the cold.

Colby Taylor

The two do go to the party, which takes place at a beautiful hilltop mansion. It turns out to be a "key party," a la The Ice Storm. Eddy goes off for a three-way with Blake Nolan and Kristian Alvarez, but Colby isn't in the mood for anyone's keys except his own. He gets in his cherry red Mustang and heads home.

This being porn, we get to see exactly what happens with Mataro, Nolan, and Alvarez after Colby leaves. Eddy sucks the two other men's dicks like he's been deprived of sperm for a long, long time. Alvarez, in particular, has an awesome cock; Nolan's biggest feature is his chest. Guys with a pec fetish will be in heaven; Nolan's are like two hairy balloons.

Mataro sucks the other gentlemen from every angle, before getting on his back on the bed so Alvarez can finger-fuck him. Soon he's getting pumped by Alvarez' thick one, moaning so loud I'm surprised Colby can't hear it from his car. (Maybe he can.) Nolan helpfully holds Mataro's legs back while Alvarez continues to pound the daylights out of him, turning him over on his stomach without removing his cock from Alvarez' hole, a neat trick.

Next Nolan gets his turn at Mataro's now-sloppy hole, and his pole goes in a bit easier. Nolan is the one whose fucking actually brings Mataro close to cumming, as he furiously beats his uncut meat while Nolan grips his ankles. Nolan shoots over Mataro's prone body with some noisy fireworks, grunting and groaning, triggering Mataro's final release, while Nolan jerks his meat above the Latin stud, this time out-groaning and out-moaning even Alvarez. The room shakes. Good times.

Meanwhile, Colby Taylor is driving through the desert reflecting upon his relationship difficulties. At a 7-11, Colby runs into Jason Crew, who plays a kooky, carefree ingenue (a la Natalie Portman in Garden State.) Though Colby protests he is not interested, Crew tells the 7-11 employee the two are on their honeymoon, and insists on calling Colby "Rick". (His name is "Mark.") Soon they are on their way to Vegas.

During one part of the deserty drive, Crew winds up driving while Colby takes a nap. Crew soon has Colby's cock out of his jeans and starts jerking him off. Too bad this is interrupted by a nasty trucker's horn — Colby has a really nice cock — and the two decide to pull over and get gas. Right behind them is sweaty, hairy trucker Gus Mattox. Gus comes and leans on the Mustang, telling the two bois they'll be cruisin' for a bruisin' if they don't learn to drive better. When Gus leaves, Crew decides to go "see how tough this guy really is." Soon they are in the empty cargo hold of the big rig and Crew is deep-throating Gus' manly cock.

Gus Mattox

Crew's suck-job is extremely noisy and sloppy, fitting the dirty and scruffy nature of this tale. Gus keeps up a constant stream of dirty talk throughout, calling Crew his "sweet boy" and "sweet baby." Truckers can be very endearing when they are getting their cocks sucked. Eventually Gus gets around to sucking Crew's quite long dick. Crew's body is very hot, smooth and lean. Soon Gus turns him around and screws him in a powerfuck fuck which Jason seems to enjoy greatly. Jason is extremely vocal and so is Gus, giving orders like, "Squeeze my dick in your ass! Yeah, that's it, squeeze it!"

Gus turns Jason around and fucks him against the wall of the truck, and soon he's shooting. Gus quickly jerks off on Jason who begs, "Feed it to me!" Gus dumps a huge load right on Jason's face, with perfect aim.

Soon Jason and Colby are off cruising the desert again in their car, and when night falls they pull into a hotel. While dutiful Colby gets them checked in, Jason sneaks around the back to take a piss — where he looks in a window and discovers Brad Patton and Omer locked in a coital embrace!

Colby and Jason go to their room, but on the way, they spot the Mysterious Trucker, Gus Mattox. "He ain't worth it," Crew tells Colby, who is experiencing lustful feelings toward Gus.

Now we get to peek in on Brad Patton, currently getting his cock sucked by young stud Omer (in his first role for Buckshot Productions.) There is not much mystery here about who will fuck whom, since Omer has his ass cheeks wrapped around Patton's cock from the very first minute.


But first Omer spends a long time sucking Brad's dick, which he obviously enjoys. Omer is flushed from the desert heat as he lovingly licks Brad's torso and makes out with him a bit in between bouts of sucking on Brad's tanned, uncut meat. Brad reciprocates by sucking on Omer's smaller, but nicely formed cock for a while, before burying his face and tongue into Omer's pert, tanned ass. Omer seems to be living out a fantasy by hooking up with Patton, while we watch.

Brad is looking very carved and cut from head to toe, I notice, when he puts Omer on hands and knees to take his dick doggy-style. Surprisingly perhaps, for its thickness, Brad's dick goes in without a hitch. Omer is not one of those who is going to whine and complain about having a beer-can-thick cock up his ass, he takes it like a man. The sex is clearly enjoyable for both, with Omer's eyes frequently rolling back into his head as Brad slowly and methodically pounds him, first from the back, then from the side. Omer stays rock hard at all times, finally shooting his wad in a very intense moment while sitting on Brad's dick. (I am hereby submitting my request to Buckshot Productions: more Omer!)

To wrap things up, Brad cums to an especially hard climax, his face contorting like I don't remember seeing it ever do before.

Back in Colby and Jason's room, Jason is lying on the bed naked, his considerable dick hanging off to one side like an unused garden hose. Colby undresses for bed, and can't quite decide what to do. He touches Crew's dick and it jumps, startling Colby so he moves away. Instead, he fantasizes that Gus Mattox comes in and begins molesting him. But then Jason interrupts, ruining it. "Go to bed!" Colby pouts, turning away.

The next morning they hit the road again, stopping at a roadside cafe, where Jason runs into a blond boy, Brian Hansen, smoking outside the establishment, and asks to borrow a smoke while Colby goes inside. The sassy waitress confides, "Cook said the special's chicken-fried steak. Looks more like squirrel."

Jason goes around the back of the place with blond cutie Brian and lean, tattooed Tamas Eszterhazy, both employees of the greasy spoon (you can tell by their green aprons, which quickly get tossed in the dust.) Jason fancies Brian, so he pulls him close for a kiss, and Tamas takes that signal to pull Jason's dick out of his pants, kneel down and begin sucking. Soon Brian joins him, and the two alternate between sucking Jason and making out with each other. Brian then gets a hankerin' to suck Tamas, so Jason takes a seat in a rusty chair and watches while pulling on his Super-Sizer.

Brian Hansen

Being the blond twink he is, young Brian eventually winds up in the middle of a Lucky Pierre, getting pounded by Jason while sucking on Tamas, who has a nice, long dick rivaling Jason's in quality. All three guys are hot, lean, and mostly smooth, so this is something to appeal to the twink-loving side in all of us.

In a bit of a twist, Tamas soon switches places with Brian and Jason fucks him, taking the long dick like a pro. But soon Jason has Brian — who is wearing tennis shoes with no socks, hot! — on his back, and continues the fuck he started earlier. Tamas unexpectedly cums on the bouncing boys, shooting a big load all over Brian, triggering him to lose his own load as Crew pumps him harder. Jason whips off his condom and releases a fat load of his own. This scene gets the award for perfect timing!

Jason Crew

Tamas Eszterhazy

It's a bit of a sad moment when Jason Crew joins up with Colby in the coffee shop, since Jason informs Colby that he has met someone else (either Brian or Tamas, he doesn't really clarify) and won't be continuing on to Las Vegas. Colby drives off into the sunset, and soon encounters... a Big Rig, parked by the road.

A gloomy Gus Mattox is behind the wheel, though Colby does not seem bothered by the menacing look on Gus' face. Colby walks up to the truck and tells Gus his friend ditched him and he's going to sleep in his Mustang. "Don't be a dick," Gus tells him. "I got plenty of room in the back. It's big enough for two."

The proof of that comes moments later, as, in the sleeper area of Gus' truck, Colby and Gus engage in a liplock that threatens to become mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Come up for air, boys! Anyway, it's hot. The two discover each others' bodies in the back of that truck like two teenagers, with Gus awkwardly pulling Colby's shirt over his head while sticking his tongue deep into Colby's mouth. Is well-known top Colby Taylor going to bottom for older, tattooed muscle stud Gus? Hm...

Gus pulls his shirt off displaying the aforementioned tattoos. Gus has really pumped up for his role in Big Rig, looking bigger than he has in any previous movie (or probably ever will, since he claims to have retired from porn.) Colby gets naked first, another signal that he may be bottoming out. Gus sucks on Colby's veiny dick for a while, before the two begin dry humping and making out even more. I'd say, you two, get a room, but I suppose they already did.

Colby and Gus make tender, moonlit love, culminating in exactly what you may have expected. Gus Mattox lives out everyone's fantasy and pounds Colby eight ways from Sunday, or at least from below and then from above, with one of Colby's knees hitched over his shoulder. Colby can't hold out long with Gus' Big Rig inside of him, and at the end of the sex he even seems to be crying a little, as Gus jerks his dick furiously to shoot all over his younger companion.

I have a feeling this scene will be remembered at Oscar time — or at the very least, at the next GayVN's. But until then, as Gus Mattox puts it, "When the truck's a-rockin', don't come a-knockin'!" (And as Colby Taylor puts it, "I can't believe you just said that!")

Starring: Colby Taylor, Gus Mattox, Jason Crew, Brian Hansen, Kristian Alvarez, Omer, Blake Nolan, Tamas Eszterhazy, Eddy Mataro, Brad Patton

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